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Experience the aesthetic appeal with the Arts, Culture and Lifestyles in Gujarat. It earns the reputation of finer things in life as Arts reflects medium of expression and communication, culture reflects the finer details of moral and traditional values and Lifestyles is the very existence of Gujaratis, unmatched ‘lifestyle living’ in the country.

In Gujarat, Arts is an expression. The brilliant blend of Arts, culture and Lifestyle make spaces for peace and soulful well being. In Gujarat, there is freedom for Artists as they create an image on a canvass or click a photograph that appeals to the eye. With ample mediums to work on innovative, witty and submissive forms, Arts present something to our sense – perceptions as they make way to articulate lifestyles. Gujarat stand unique with Arts as a form of expression as it is a home to many world renowned Artists and flourishing talents shaping up the Art World. The State also has a fantastic pool of artists and a new breed of collectors and investors in the Art Talents.

In Gujarat, Music is speech of angels. The music and dance blend the rich traditions with its folk music and dance. The Garba dance is the spiritual expression of Gujarat and the spirit of festivity of the traditional festival reaches worldwide. Music and folk dances have evolved since ancient times and continues to lure people to its rich tradition even today as it retain its original form or even blend to modern forms. Folk songs, classical music and array of distinctive classical ragas have exemplary features with distinctive music variations. Gujarat is known to have produced its own folk instruments besides the vast contributions to classical and folk music. Also modern culture of pop thrive its existence with the youth catching faster on western and other music forms pertaining to other countries.

In Gujarat Crafts is an exclusive talent. Handicrafts of Gujarat, differs in its proportions of its patterns to the element of wonderful exquisite artifacts in various forms. Ancient crafts exist in Gujarat blend with unique traditional intricate work and finer details with artistic and aesthetic appeal. The handicrafts products of skilled craftsmanship are popular all over the world. It mirrors vibrant culture of the State.

In Gujarat, Traditions speak. Gujarat is a land of traditions. Festivity spirit continues all round the year as spirituality is in every breath of the Gujarati soul. Gujarat has fairs and festivals apart from many other rituals and traditions. Gujarat is also popular for the lifestyle and cuisines that go with the celebrations. Traditions almost remain unchanged and you get acquainted with the modern living as Gujarat develops on a faster growth to modernity, influenced by outside culture. Unmatched traditions in the world, it speaks of ‘Home is where the heart is.’

In Gujarat, Life matters, Living Justifies :

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In Gujarat, Knowledge is Power. Literature is traced back to the bygone Sultanate era. Gujarati Literature stand as a mix of classics and contemporary Literature with its Prose, Poetry, Plays, Biography-Autobiographies, Fiction and non fiction. More, the State is sound with many Literature writers and poets with contributions of multi language Literature like English, Hindi and esp. Sanskrit Literature.

Enculturation and Culture: Gujarat is influenced with enculturation; a culture shared with members of the society and passed on from one generation to the next. Enculturation has unified people with common sense experience and influence that lead to knowledge and appreciation of cultural traditions and lifestyles. The aspect of joining hands to greet or bow down comes through age influences as offering reverence. Social systems of learning, religious practices and forms of artistic expressions have led way to more balanced lifestyles in Gujarat. People of Gujarat are found to be sharing cultural traits and patterns with other regions and also extend beyond national boundaries towards International culture.

In Gujarat, Lifestyles sustain. Gujarat is ‘heaven on earth’. Ask anyone in the world and Gujarat is the most cherished place to visit in India. Gujarat is the Land of the Legends – where individuals have peace of mind, are spiritual and live in harmony. The people are enterprising oriented, cooperative, and supportive. They possess warm and friendly nature with qualities of humanity, Gujaratis are found to be most generous and loyal. It is said, Attitude and all is that ‘Makes a Big Difference’
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