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Dakor in Kheda District of Gujarat is prominent for its grand temple of Shree Krishna which have a historical significance. An interesting legend relates how Lord Krishna came to reveal himself at Dakor (Kaira District) leaving his Dwarka abode. In olden times a Krishna devotee named Bholanath used to walk all the way to Dwarka from Dakor on every full moon night to worship his beloved Krishna. The all-knowing God noticed the difficulties which his devotee was undergoing. The god told Bholanath when he was visiting Dwarka that he need not walk all the way to distant Dwarka as he had decided to stay at Dakor (Dhankpuri of olden times). So God accompanied him to Dakor.

How To Reach - Dakor
Dakor is 47 kms. from Vadodara and 90 kms. from Ahmedabad.

The priests at Dwarka temple were naturally upset at the turn of events. They somehow or other wanted to get backthe stone-idol of Ranchhodrai (Krishna). Both at Dwarka and Dakor Krishna is known Ranchhodrai. It is said that he ran away from battle when Kalyavan attacked him as an ally of Jarasandh. So Krishna is called Ranchhodrai - one who ran away from the battle. The priest of Dwarka knew that Bholanath was a poor man. So they told him that he should either pay for the stone idol in gold or return it. The only golden ornament the poor devotee had was his wife's nose ring. When the idol and the nose ring were placed in the scales they were found to be equal in weight. That is how Krishna changed his residence from Dwarka to Dakor for the convenience of a devotee. The belief is the Krishna idol of Dakor was originally from Dwarka.

There is a carnival or fair which takes place at Dakor around February and March, (during festival of Holi).On the day of Sharad Purnima (Full moon day) which comes after end of navratri is the day believed on which lord krishna come to Dakor as Ranchodrai with his great devotee known as Badona. Thus, he fulfilled his promise. Also the temple is visited by devotees during Janmashtmi on birth of Krishna.
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