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Gujarat has a legendary distinction with variations in Folk Dance. The most popular Folk Dance in Gujarat is Garba and Ras. However, the legendary traditions of yester years continues to add to the cultural tradition of Gujarat.
Hallisaka Dance has great antiquity and dates back to an extremely important work of the Sanskrit literature. The Harivamsha is said to contain about 16,375 verses. It was written between 200 B.C. and 500 A.D. and was then added to complete the great epic Mahabharata. The stories relate to Krishna as herdsman and later the Krishna-Gopi Leela. Harivamsha greatly influenced Indian music. It is said to have inspired many composite genres in Indian cultural expression, especially those of the Chhalikya songs and the Hallisaka dance.
Hallisaka is a group dance native to Gujarat. This dance in the Harivamsha Purana is very significant. The dancers form a circle with their hands joined together to form a chain. The ‘tala’ is kept by clapping and the dance is accompanied by a melodious song. A young man who acts as Lord Krishna stands in the middle of the damsels. The feet movements, toes, heels and legs first show rhythmic expression measured steps, long, short, quick, and slow accompanied in single, double and triple timings.
Bhavai-Folk Drama
Garba and Raas
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