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Spiritual Tourism

Gujarat has important Religious Spots which attract Tourism. Most of the Hindus visit these places at least once in their lifetime. NRIs and Foreign Tourist visit these places for it’s unique Religious beliefs.

Jyotirlingas at Somnath Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple
, the construction of the present temple in Junagadh district began in 1950. It is the seventh temple built to commemorate the glory of Lord Somnath who was known as Bhairaveshwar in yajur Yug, Shravanikeshwar in Treta Yug and Shrigaleshwar in DwaparYug.

Dwarka (Jamnagar district) in ancient Anarta (Saurashtra) was the capital of Lord Krishna's terrestrial kingdom.

Pavagadh is yet another historical and religious destination at the base town of Champaner. Pavagadh along with Champaner and Marchi is a UNESCO world heritage site. The hill of Pavagadh rises from Champaner in three stages and this plateau lies at an altitude of 1,471 feet. Pavagadh is also known as the birthplace of Gujarat’s famous musician, Baiju Bawra.

Mount Girnar at Junagadh, is also one of the holiest of the holies for Hindu ascetics and Jains. There is a famous akhada of sadhus at its base. Many sadhaks and advanced souls have laid their lives to rest on the mountain, notably - the Jain tirthankar Neminath, adding to its sanctity. A national level competition for Youth is organized for ascending and descending to the 5500 steps out of 9990 steps of the Mount Girnar. Shrine.
Two of 51 Shakti Peeths at Ambaji and Mahakali at Pawagadh
One of the five holy lakes of India is at Narayan Sarovar and one of the seven holiest rivers for Pavagadh.
One of the seven holiest rivers for Hindus is the Narmada which flows through Gujarat.
Temples situated in Dakor, Virpur, Khodiyar, Sarangpur, Gondal etc. are holy places with individual faith.
Three of the four most important pilgrimages for Parsees – Sacred Iranshaw, Fire Temple at Udvada, Navsari Atashbehram and Surat Atashbehram are situated in Gujarat. Besides these, Sanjan where the Parsees landed in India is also in Gujarat.
Akshardham, Gadhada, Bachosan, Gondal, Sarangpur, etc are some of the famous Swaminarayan temple.Swaminarayans form a wealthy sect.T
Two of the five important Jain sites in India are at Palitana and Girnar. In addition to these, there is a regular flow of Jain pilgrims to Sankeshwar, Taranga, Kumbhariyaji, Badhreshwar Mandvi, Mahudi etc.
The Dargahs of Sarkhej and Unjha are among the much visited Islamic sites of India.
The ashrams of Spiritual leaders like Morari Bapu, Rameshji Oza, etc are on the spiritual tourism map of India.

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